IDEA Muse – Museum collections management

IDEA Muse is a comprehensive collection management system designed for museums. The system enables seamless management of all aspects of the museum collections, dealing with all the physical, digital and logical information provides documentation of the artifacts’ lifecycle in the museum and allows access to and exposure of the collections to the public.
One of the distinct advantages of the system is the maximal flexibility it offers, from organizing separate collection databases, through pre-defined and / or adapted templates for each databank, to the possibility of adding and adjusting the cataloging and search fields for each database and catalog template. The system provides each museum with the most suitable system for its unique needs.
This Integrated product supplies the museum with flexible and dynamic way of creating value-added services, both for employees and for the public.

The infrastructure

The system is based on IDEA ALM infrastructure; the advanced system for managing databases, that serves as a platform for integrating IDEA’s three vertical solutions – IDEA Arc, IDEA Lib and IDEA Muse.
The management of the various information data banks is performed on one common database, using uniform and professional terminology and work processes, with the possibility of retrieving the information at any time, thus allowing transparency, accessibility and advanced management of all the information and knowledge in the organization.
The release of upgraded versions from time to time, the system flexibility, and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the organization and the open architecture for additions are the guarantee of your investment in the system for many years to come.
The integration of the advanced IDEA Muse system, with the extensive experience of IDEA’s professional staff in implementing projects in museums and cultural heritage institutions is a guarantee for the success of the projects and the satisfaction of our customers.

We invite you to join the family of IDEA’s customers and “trust your heritage in our hands”