IDEA’s products are based on IDEA ALM infrastructure, which is an advanced dedicated system for management, conservation and historical exposure of cultural and historical data collections, in heritage institutions, archives, libraries and museums. IDEA ALM infrastructure is a platform for integrating our three vertical solutions: IDEA Arc, IDEA Lib and IDEA Muse, enabling professional and dedicated management for each of these areas. The information management is performed on one central system, using work processes and uniform and professional terms, with the possibility of retrieving the information at any time. Our products provide tools for cataloging, preservation, retrieval and exposure and enable advanced management and accessibility of all historical and cultural information in the organization.
In addition to the solutions, we offer a variety of modules and applications that can be connected to each of our products, and a variety of related services for the implementation of IDEA products.


Advanced solution for management, conservation and exposure of heritage, history, art and culture collections, in a variety of languages, in the required unified terminology, standards and work processes


Professional management of the materials; from cataloging to retrieving and exposure. The system offers a wealth of functionality suited to archival world, with full support of international standards


Professional solution for managing the library, with full support of international standards, using advanced tools for library work processes and providing personal online services 24/7

 IDEA Muse

Museum collections management solution, allowing maximal flexibility, using advanced functionality for managing the museum’s work processes and maintaining different access permissions

Expansion Modules

Additional services for IDEA’s products


Multi – databases search interface


managing library’s acquisitions

Self-service station

Self-service loan & return