IDEA’s Cloud services 

cloud_engIDEA Information Systemsoffers its customersto jointhe company’s most advancedcloud services that include the exposure of theircatalogon the web and are based ona designatedservers’ farm,establishedand managed bythe company’sprofessional staff.

This service is offered to all our customers (libraries, archives, museums and information centers) and enables them to provide services to their customers, allowing them the use ofadvanced technology, access to informationfor the general publicandvarious actionsin accordance with the organization,from every placeandsite.

The proposed solution allows our customers to “go with and feel without”, since the catalog can be uploaded to the Internet without having to purchase expensive servers, requiring complex and expensive maintenance by their IT people.

In addition, as part of this service our customers catalogs can be exposed on the Israeli Unified Catalog where all catalogs of idea’s customers (libraries, archives and museums) are exposed. This solution is already widely used by IDEA’s customers, enabling all end-users to search all the on-line catalogs, using a mutual search system and to find rare and versatile information items including literature, film and art collections, from all over the country in one central site.

IDEA’s farm now hosts more than 100 company customers, including government and institutional customers, large business customers in Israel, academic and public libraries, and many archives.