Project Management Services – IDEA Information Systems

IDEA’s Projects Department is highly experienced in implementing projects both in Israel and abroad. A project manager is assigned to each project, up to the final production stage, managing and coordinating all related activities.
IDEA system’s implementation is carried out based on a unique methodology for the implementation of the solution. The methodology is based on the company’s experience in delivering numerous projects worldwide. We believe that adherence to this methodology will ensure the best results in terms of meeting deadlines, keeping the total cost under the plan and ensuring satisfactory results for the client.
A Project Manager (PM) is assigned to each project and is responsible to lead and manage the implementation process as scheduled. Since the implementation process is an interactive one, depending on full and intensive cooperation with customer’s team, we believe in the importance of appointing a project manager on behalf of the customer as well.
In addition, Idea’s support department consists of a professional and experienced team providing support services by phone, mail, remote control and other means. The team supplies the client with personal support, upgrades, training etc. after the installation.