Business Partners

Lahav Technologies

The company is active in the field of automation and self-service systems. Idea collaborates with Lahav technologies in the self-service loan-and-return stations for Idea’s academic and public libraries customers. Implementing these solutions improve the efficiency and speed of everyday functions of the library  



CDtech provides technological and creative solutions for building sites and the WEB IT. CDtech collaborates with Idea in WEB and API projects, where CDtech is responsible for the developing and designing of unique websites for the clients, that interface with idea’s API. IDEA provides the infrastructure for the cataloging and retrieving of information



ITTI is a leading provider in the field of digitization. The collaboration between IDEA & ITTI is manifested in projects of digitized processes and cataloging. Using the import and export data infrastructure, the data is absorbed automatically (digital files and meta-data) into IDEA system. Thus, providing customers a complete solution for their needs.



Taldor is one of the leading IT companies in Israel, providing complete solutions for project operation, infrastructure setup and support services. The collaboration with IDEA exists in projects that combine integration, where Taldor partakes in managing the complete solution, and IDEA provides the content management system for libraries, archives and / or Museums



IDnext specializes in solutions in the field of barcode scanners, barcode labels’ generator etc. The collaboration between Idea and IDNEXT focuses on barcode scanners for public and academic libraries. IDEA System fully interfaces with IDNEXT label producing generator that allows the production of the labels comfortably, directly from the IDEA system


Technology Partners


Based on the technology of the American DtSearch company, IDEA has created a unique and independent search engine for textual searches, within the system, providing the customers with a fast, most powerful and effective search tool.  Idea’s search engine provides advanced access, to search all kind of information, using a wide variety of morphological options


Business Objects

IDEA provides its customers the capability to generate a variety of advanced reports by using SAP’s Business Objects software (BO). The reports generator allows the user to generate reports of all the information entered in IDEA ALM system, including different designs, editing and creating new reports based on customer needs,  and export them to Excel…



Sybase technologies are incorporated into IDEA’s products that enable IDEA to provide its customers with an advanced and sophisticated product



IDEA Information Systems is using IBM technologies (both software and hardware) in various ways. In IDEA’s flagship projects “Yad-Vashem” and the “Israel Museum” in Jerusalem, as well as in many other projects. IDEA ASP Computer Center farm, that provides cloud services to more than 100 clients, is also based on IBM’s hardware, including the Internet


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