IDEA ALM – for managing diverse collections in archives, libraries and museums

Every nation must know its history, which is the basis for a shared vision, the core existence of the nation and the building of a moral society.
Accessibility to the “hidden treasures” of archives and cultural heritage organizations entails many challenges, such as exposing massive and complex data, retrieving a variety of sources and formats, to various extents, in various languages, for different audiences and in an easy and friendly way.
Recognizing the richness and diversity of the information in heritage organizations and the challenges posed by the “hidden treasures” to the cultural heritage institutions, IDEA Information Systems has developed a unique solution – IDEA ALM.
This solution enables the management and conservation of information in a professional manner, providing solutions for joint management and exposure of a number of institutions together, such as archive, library and museum, and making it available for the public.

IDEA’s system enables the integration of all the historical and cultural information on a single integrated and multi-lingual system. The solution includes all the components required for the organization’s information management – from getting the information, through sorting, managing it, to its exposure to the general public, in archives, historical museums and research institutions.
The innovative concept of IDEA ALM, has gained momentum, meeting with the technological challenges faced by institutions of cultural and historical heritage, and has been adapted to the world ever-developing information.