IDEA Lib – for managing the Library of Tomorrow

IDEA Lib is a flexible integrated library system for managing all types of library collections and their typical workflows, such as cataloging, loans and returns, orders etc. The system enables exposure of information to the library users, as well as acquisition procedures, building thesaurus, resource and information sharing, import and export of data from external sources and personalized online-services to the library users over the Web using various advanced options such as Mobile, Facebook, support of Web 2.0 and self-service loan and return stands.

One of the distinct advantages of the IDEA Lib system is the support of MARC and Z39.50 standards. Through which the library can exchange information with other libraries around the world that are engaged in similar fields, import data from the Library of Congress, the ULI,  the British Library and other academic databases, and export data to leading academic databases.
This integrated product provides the library with a flexible and dynamic way for the development of value-added services, both for the employees and for the public.

The infrastructure

The system is based on IDEA ALM infrastructure; the advanced system for managing databases, that serves as a platform for integrating IDEA’s three vertical solutions – IDEA Arc, IDEA Lib and IDEA Muse.
The management of the various information data banks is performed on one common database, using uniform and professional terminology and work processes, with the possibility of retrieving the information at any time, thus allowing transparency, accessibility and advanced management of all the information and knowledge in the organization.
The system includes all management tools, including cataloging, conservation, building logical connections, as well as exposure and retrieval of different materials in various formats. You can work and search within one database (archive) or multiple databases at the same time (Archive, Library and Museum), in order to obtain wide and rich information or filtered and focused information.
The release of upgraded versions from time to time, the system flexibility, the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the organization and open architecture for future additions are the guarantee of your investment in the IDEA LIB system for many years to come.
The integration of the advanced IDEA Lib system, with the extensive experience of Idea’s professional staff in implementing projects in libraries; public, academic and research institutes, is a guarantee for the success of the projects and the satisfaction of our customers.
We invite you to join the Family of Idea’s customers, and trust your heritage in our hands”