Loan and return self-service station

An additional solution assisting libraries to increase the efficiency of loaning & returning books, for the libraries clients.

lahav2The transition of computerized loaning and returning processes to the hands of the readers allows libraries to improve their work processes and thus gain time savings earmarked for the management of additional resources in the library. In addition, the product allows libraries to provide their end users with maximum flexibility and independence when loaning and returning of books, and thereby improve the service they offer their customers. At the same time readers enjoy simple and friendly interface, complete independence, and shorter waiting periods, as well as the possibility to return books to the library off-site and around the clock (24/7).

The return of the books is done by scanning the books’ barcode labels at the self-service loan and return station and thus updating the information in the IDEA Lib system. In order to perform loaning and returning the reader is identified by using the reader card and then scans the barcode of the item. After receiving approval from the system the reader can borrow/return the item independently, in a convenient and friendly way.

The development of the self-service loan and return station was accomplished in collaboration with “Lahav Technologies” that provided the advanced technological infrastructure for the various implementations.
Israel’s leading libraries already benefit from the product and their customers enjoy rapid, independent and effective service.

To get more information and/or purchase the product for your library, please contact the sales department of IDEA:
[email protected]

Client Story

Raanana Municipality improves service to subscribers of libraries and shortens waiting time

Raanana Municipality has set automated loaning-and-returning books stations that operate 24 hours a day to improve service to subscribers of the public library.
The self-service loaning station is located inside the municipal library and allows subscribers an automatic borrowing, thus shortening the waiting in line. An additional advantage is that it gives library staff more time for deeper personal discourse and for providing comprehensive and professional information to the various applicants.
The Self-service returning station is located outside the library and offers automatic returning books service, by scanning the book label and updating the subscriber library card. The new service operates 24 hours a day, allowing subscribers to return books any time.
Deputy Mayor Mrs. Ronit Weintraub: ”Books and reading have an immense importance nowadays and we are constantly thinking how to adjust the world of reading to the digital age, to avail the service and allow our subscribers to enjoy the experience of reading according to the appropriate rhythm patterns of our lives.’’

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