iSmartLib on your mobile phone

Allows full access to your library using mobile phones throughout the day

Mobile Internet is everywhere. The world's leading social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as the leading brands such as eBay and Amazon, all understand that the mobile phone interface ensures accessibility to their products and resources, along with a higher quality service.
In recent years there has been a growing demand in libraries to be able to provide full access to their collections using smartphone applications. At the same time there is an increasing demand among end users to use and search content, using mobile devices. We, too, have joined the trend of exposing content on the mobile phones and offer the libraries clients – academic and public – the iSmartLib IDEA application for the Smartphone.

iSmartLib enables end users to search their subscribed  library's collection of books as well as other libraries’ collections using IDEA software. It allows the users to view digital media attached to items and perform a variety of actions depending on individual user privileges such as ordering items, loan extensions, viewing the user’s loans,  see  the library’s opening hours and more –  all directly on their mobile device.
Using the simple and friendly mobile internet device, the users can search for information and content outside the library premises and the regular opening hours.

The application is fully supported on Android and IPhone devices.

For further information and/or purchasing the product for your library, please contact IDEA’s sales department: [email protected]



סיפור לקוח

What IDEA Users Say

Mrs. Arion Shachaf, director of the Herzliya municipal library network:
"Since I am in favor of any means to reach out to the public and / or allow access to the public library, I chose to purchase Idea’s Smartphone App – iSmartLib.”

Mrs. Noa Michaeli-Levi, Manager of “Kotar Rishon”:
"IDEA's iSmartLib app allows our readers remote access to the library catalog anytime, anywhere"

Mrs. Hila Levi, manager of Computing section and Information Systems of Ra’anana Public Library:
"ISmartLib – a good service to the library patrons! The application allows the reader to get better service such as extending loans, entering book orders and saves him waiting for telephone service by the librarian. The reader operates the app. independently!"

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